Welcome and reference

When you visit our offices, you can use our multiservice room and meet with our reception consultant to:

  1. evaluate your needs to direct you, if necessary, towards the proper resources

  2. help you get accustomed to the different services offered by the CJE-RDP

  3. assist you while using the multiservice room (bulletin boards, job offers, internet, directory, fax, etc.)

Employment assistance services

If you feel like you are going nowhere and you do not know how to approach the employers, you probably need help from an employment counselor. He will help you identify the specific reasons that prevent you from entering the job market and will suggest solutions related to your situation.

The employment counselor helps and guides you throughout the achievement of your professional project. He assists you in the development of the tools related to your job search. He gives you structure and teaches efficient ways to find a job. Finally, he offers training for job interviews.

The duration of the service given depends upon the type of job desired, the professional experience acquired and the conditions in which the job search is made. One thing is certain; we will stay in touch with you until you find what you are looking for.

Career development

If you are questioning yourself and you would like to define your self image or you wish to define projects (academic or professional) related to your personality and the reality of the job world, the orientation service is for you. The orientation plan is a process which helps you to take well thought out decisions and to make the right moves to achieve your life and career project. We invite you to get involved in an orientation process if you want to discover: 

  • Yourself (your strengths, your interests, your values, your needs, your experiences, your abilities…)

  • Job qualifications of the professions you are targeting (assignments, working conditions, academic requirements…)

  • The particularities of the job market to define a realistic and achievable academic or professional goal.

  • Since this process is yours, it is very important that your counselor evaluates your needs and establishes an appropriate intervention plan: your participation and involvement are mandatory.


    Always dreamed of…

    Being your own boss and managing an enterprise on your terms, the entrepreneurship is for you the way to fulfill this dream. The awareness to entrepreneurship agent allows you to discover you entrepreneurial potential and can guide you towards the proper resources of the environment. You will also learn about the necessary tools that will allow you to accomplish an enterprise set-up process.

    If you are interested…

    You can show your entrepreneurship skills with our business management simulator or through a entrepreneurship potential evaluation test. Also, we offer workshops of building awareness to entrepreneurship and we organize conferences with entrepreneurs of the field.

    Youth in Action

    ▪ You are between 18-24 years old
    ▪ You are unemployed
    ▪ You dropped out of school
    ▪ You don’t know what to do

    Jeunes en action is for you and allows you to plan your future differently. This program will give you the opportunity to participate to training activities and workshops.In participating to Jeunes en action, you will benefit from counseling and a personal follow up. You will have the opportunity to define an action plan and achieve it; you will also find support and motivation that will allow you to reach financial independence.

    Logo Jeunes en action officiel

    IDEO 16/17

    IDEO stands for Initiative, Discovery, Exploration and Orientation

    IDEO 16-17 will help you succeed by taking action. Through stimulating and engaging activities, the Carrefours jeunesse-emploi offer you the guidance needed to complete a project. Everyone has life dreams; whether they be big or small, it doesn’t matter! What counts is taking the first step towards making your dreams a reality!

    ▪ Are you 16 or 17?
    ▪ Do you wish to finish high school?
    ▪ Do you question yourself about what the future holds for you ?
    ▪ Would you like to land your first work experience?
    ▪ Are you looking for work?
    ▪ Would you like to undertake a project?

    Come and experience something meaningful that will help you get closer to your dreams!

    IDEO 16-17 is a measure financed by the “Secrétariat à la jeunesse”under the 2009-2014 Youth Action
    Strategy .