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● You want to take action

● You want support

● You want to get closer to your dreams

● You want to realize your project

The CJE: Your advisor


● Appropriate proposals

● You are looking for a job that interests you

● You wonder how to find this job

● You want good tools to engage employers

● You want to prepare yourself for a successful interview

The CJE team is here to help you and answer your questions


● You want to take time for yourself, to think better to choose

● You want to find a stimulating job or a profession that interests you

● You want to know how to succeed in the job of your dreams

● You want to get to know you

● You wish to validate your choice

Come and visit the CJE RDP, we will help you find the answers


● Be your own boss

● You want to regain power over your life

● You want to go back to school or find a job

● You want to develop your skills and gain experience through internships, projects and volunteering

Departure @ 9, it's for you!


● School demotivates you

● You want to improve your school results

● You would like to work during your studies

● You want to go back to school

Your advisor is here for you!


● Takes action

● You want to take on new challenges

● You want to learn new skills in carrying out projects in your community

● You have a project idea that you want to achieve

The CJE, incubator of your ideas

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