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At CJE RDP, you will be welcome and you will find the mentoring, support and motivation to help you reach your goals and develop your full potential. Discover!


The CJE Rivière-des-Prairies offers individualized assistance to help young people from 16 to 35 years old achieve their employment goals. All young people connected to the CJE RDP can access a wide range of services.

Home and reference

  • You want to take action
  • You want support
  • You want to get closer to your dreams
  • You want to realize your project
  • The CJE: Your advisor


  • Appropriate proposals
  • You are looking for a job that interests you
  • You wonder how to find this job
  • You want good tools to engage employers
  • You want to prepare yourself for a successful interview
  • The CJE team is here to help you and answer your questions

Orientation and professional exploration

  • You want to take time for yourself, to have a reflection to make a better decision
  • You want to find a stimulating job or a profession that interests you
  • You want to know how to succeed in the job of your dreams
  • You want to get to know yourself better
  • You wish to validate your choice
  • Come and visit the CJE RDP, we will help you find the answers


  • Be your own boss
  • You want to regain power over your life
  • You want to go back to school or find a job
  • You want to develop your skills and gain experience through internships, projects and volunteering
  • Depart@9, it's for you!

School perseverance

  • School demotivates you
  • You want to improve your school results
  • You would like to work during your studies
  • You want to go back to school
  • Your advisor is here for you!


  • Takes action
  • You want to take on new challenges
  • You want to learn new skills in carrying out projects in your community
  • You have a project idea that you want to achieve
  • The CJE, incubator of your ideas

We understand that everyone is unique with job research needs just as unique. For this reason, our approach is also tailored to you.

Our commitment is to provide quality employment and/or training services using a self-centered approach

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Our news capsules give advice and techniques on various topics including: job search, studies, orientation, entrepreneurship, etc.

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